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As you get older like myself it becomes more difficult to meet someone because most of my friends have settled down now so don't or can't come out to bars and clubs. Your site has solved that issue I have met a few guys so far and it's great that they are not to drunk the first time we talk.

- Zoe 33

6 months ago I received a wink from a young lady called Tina who was very attractive. I thought it was a wind up but 2 weeks later we went on a date and the rest is history. I have tried many free sites in the past but find them full of people that just want to chat.

- Russell 44

Thanks to your site I have managed to find a nice lady that believe it or not lives just 8 miles from me. We have been on four dates and so far everything is going well, so thank you to you and your team.

- Chris 58

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